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Gloster Villas is a grade 2 listed, 3-bedroom house located in the beautiful Hedgemead Park, just above the popular Walcot Street, with it's independent shops, artisan cafes and restaurants. Gloster Villas was a very run down house that hadn't been lived in for many years, and showed significant signs of age, wear and tear. We achieved a listed building consent, working one of our trusted design partners AAVA Architects, to update the house and to slightly remodel some of the rooms to create more appropriate living spaces for todays more modern living methods. Works were carefully undertaken to refurbish all elements of this beautiful building by our trusted contracting partners. All works were instructed and managed by ARC Property to ensure this building was brought back to life in the most delicate way. The property has been featured in Country Life article 'Eight superb homes for sale across Britain, as seen in Country Life'.

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